Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 VNRN Awards

I don’t think anyone is more surprised than I am to find that I have actually made it to the fourth annual Vintage Nurse Romance Novel Awards. I’m not sure what it says about me that 220 nurse novel reviews later, I’m still putting along; I just hope it can in some way be construed a good thing.

Rules of the game: Winners are chosen from the VNRNs I have read this year (42 books by 35 different authors). The Best Authors category includes all the VNRNs reviewed for this blog, but only authors with more than one review are included; the One-Hit Wonders category is reserved for the best books by authors with only one review.

1.       Town Nurse, Country Nurse, by Marjorie Lewty
2.       Visiting Nurse, by Jeanne Judson
3.       Nurse Tennant, by Elizabeth Hoy
4.       Nurse Greer, by Joan Garrison
5.       Woman Doctor, by Alice Lent Covert
     1.       Northwest Nurse
1.       Northwest Nurse
2.       Eve Cameron, M.D.
3.       Luxury Nurse
5.       Nurse from the Shadows

1.       “Would you like to go down by the river? There are benches, and I promise to behave outrageously.” Jennifer Jones, R.N., by Norman Daniels
2.       “She wished frantically that she were back in some nice safe operating theatre where the worst thing that ever happened at tables was that people died on them.” Nurse Tennant, by Elizabeth Hoy
3.       “Oh, Anne, not you—not you, of all people, wearing trousers!” Leap in the Dark, by Rona Randall
4.       “The marvels of artificial limbs, Lisa, can never be overestimated.” Luxury Nurse, by Peggy Gaddis
5.       “ ‘She pushed me—’ He pointed an accusing finger at Rosemary. I was wholly on Rosemary’s side. We girls must stick together, I thought, and besides, she really did look angelic in that little pink dress.” Town Nurse—Country Nurse, by Marjorie Lewty
6.       “She jerked open the car door and saw the blood gushing from his chest. Instantly she stepped out of her half-slip and started tearing it in strips. I’m glad I wore a cotton one, she thought.” A Nurse Abroad, by Marion Marsh Brown
7.       “ ‘People don’t grow up until they’ve had some banging around,’ he observed.
‘Well, bang me around then,’ she replied. ‘I might like it.’ ” Five O’Clock Surgeon, by Dorothy Pierce Walker
8.       “It’s bad manners to turn down a proposal before the fellow makes it. Gives a sort of impression of overconfidence.” Candy Frost, Emergency Nurse, by Ethel Hamill (pseudonym of Jean Francis WebbIII)
9.       “He’s not a complete Philistine, you know. I told him that I liked French painting, so when I went to see him at St. Agnes’s he talked about impressionism and the romantic movement all through two hernia operations and one gastrectomy.” The Doctors, by Clara Dormandy
10.    “Even at the risk of destroying some beautiful image you might have of us Norberts, I must confess that we still have an ample supply of vermouth.” Island Doctor, by Isabel Cabot (pseudonym of Isabel Capeto)

     1.    Faith Baldwin (3.8 average, based on 4 reviews)
     4.    Marguerite Mooers Marshall (3.7 average, based on 2 reviews)
     4.    Jeanne Judson (3.7 average, based on 2 reviews)
     4.    Patricia Libby (3.7 average, based on 2 reviews)
     7.    Ethel Hamill (3.3 average, based on 3 reviews)
     7.    Helen B. Castle (3.3 average, based on 2 reviews)
     7.    Joyce Dingwell (3.3 average, based on 2 reviews)
     9.    Rosie M. Banks (3.2 average, based on 4 reviews)
     9.    Phyllis Ross (3.2 average, based on 2 reviews)

ONE-HIT WONDERS: Best VNRNs by authors with only one review
1.       “K”, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
2.       A Challenge for Nurse Melanie, by Isabel Moore
3.       Surgical Call, by Margaret Sangster
4.       Nurse Pro Tem, by Glenna Finley
5.       Walk out of Darkness, by Arlene Karson
6.       Nurse at the Fair, by Dorothy Cole
7.       Woman Doctor, Alice Lent Covert
8.       Nurse Greer, by Joan Garrison
9.       Nurse Tennant, by Elizabeth Hoy
10.    Town Nurse—Country Nurse, by Marjorie Lewty

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