Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 VNRN Awards

Welcome to the first annual Vintage Nurse Romance Novel Awards! Winners are chosen from the VNRNs I have read this year, which for 2010 is 50 different books by 36 different authors. May they inspire and guide your own reading in 2011! 

1. District Nurse Faith Baldwin, 1932 
2. Surf Safari Nurse Jane Converse, 1966 
3. Nurse Landon’s Challenge Adelaide Humphries, 1952 
4. Nurse Pro Tem Glenna Finley, 1967 
5. Wilderness Nurse Marguerite Mooers Marshall, 1949 
6. Surgical Call Margaret E.Sangster, 1937 
7. The Nurse and the Orderly Florence Stuart, 1964 
9. Private Duty Faith Baldwin, 1935 
10. Nurse in Crisis Jane Converse, 1966 

1. Dr. Merry’s Husband Peggy Gaddis, 1947 
2. Jungle Nurse Sharon Heath, 1965 
3. Student Nurse Lucy Agnes Hancock, 1944 
4. Nurse Kathy Adeline McElfresh, 1956 
5. A Nurse for Apple Valley Peggy Gaddis, 1964

1. Office Nurse Adelaide Humphries 
2. Nurse Landon’s Challenge Adelaide Humphries 
3. Nurse Kathy Adeline McElfresh 
4. Ring for the Nurse RenĂ©e Shann 
5. Nurse Marcie’s Island Arlene Hale 

1. Cruise Ship Nurse Michelle Josephs 
2. Nurse in the Shadows Peggy Gaddis 
3. Nurse on Trial Jane Converse 
4. Courtroom Nurse Fern Shepard 
5. Hospital in Kashmir Belinda Dell 

“You look like a million dollars in government bonds, that is to say, expensive, hard to acquire, extremely valuable but not exhibiting much interest.” Private Duty, Faith Baldwin 
2. “Ted needs his job, you know he does. His sister has to have all sorts of expensive treatments if she’s to lick that awful paralysis.” The Nurse and the Orderly, Florence Stuart 
3. “Grant’s in the kitchen fixing a hypodermic needle.” Private Duty Nurse, Isabel Cabot 
4. “ ‘The reason I hadn’t called you sooner,’ Peter said, ‘was that this epidemic has kept me so busy.’ ” Nurse Landon’s Challenge, Adelaide Humphries 
5. “She wanted to kill him. But she was a rotten shot.” Nurse in the Shadows, Peggy Gaddis 

1. Faith Baldwin (A average, based on 2 reviews) 
2. Adelaide Humphries (A- average, based on 2 reviews) 
3. Jane Converse (B average, based on 5 reviews) 

1. Triangle Books (A average, based on 2 reviews) 
2. Pocket Books (B+ average, based on 3 reviews) 
4. Bantam (B average, based on 5 reviews) 
4. Berkley (B average, based on 3 reviews) 
5. Harlequin (B- average, based on 3 reviews) 

1. Dell Candlelight (C+ average, based on 7 reviews)

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